Here’s a [continuously growing] list* of blogs we like to read**:

100% rainthe adventures of notorius ph.d., girl scholaraux petits oiseauxassemblagebrooklyn tweedclio’s disciplecocoknitscoloursknitsa corner of 10th century europe – the daily purlthe domestic soundscapean eudaemonistfly alonggarment housegot medievalhearblackhistoriannhyperbole and a halfilukudujaitty bitty blog!julija’s wardrobeknitting kninjaknitting school dropoutmoonstitchesneedledrenewable musicrosa. p.the sartorialistsavilintuthe shetland tradersix and a half stitchest does wooltous les jours dimanchevaulting and vellumwikstenmadewinged knitsyes, i’m a yarn snob

* In our initial draft we had them all filed neatly into categories, e.g. “crafting blogs”, “medieval blogs” etc. Then we realized that way too many of them are so special and individual that they defy any attempt of categorization, so we simply put them in alphabetical order…

** In our initial draft the list was preceded by a wordy introduction explicating how all these fellow bloggers continuously inspire us through their writing, thinking, photographing, crafting etc. Then we realized the whole thing sounded like some sappy, new age-y “Thank you for being a great Granddad”-postcard written by a second class Paulo Coelho wannabe, so we did some radical editing and got right to the gist of it…


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