Déjà-vu (with extra dandelions)

Last Thursday was a holiday here in Austria, and since it was warm and sunny I took the opportunity to go for a walk in the Wienerwald, the hilly forestland around Vienna. My route lead me to the remains of Araburg Castle which was first built in the 12th century and continuously extended over the courseContinue reading “Déjà-vu (with extra dandelions)”

Deleted Scenes, pt. 2

October 24, 2010 These are some medieval floor tiles (13th or 14th century) from the Abbey at Klein-Mariazell in the Wienerwald region. I almost used the photo in this post from October 27 but in the end I decided against it – simply because I felt that, aesthetically, it didn’t fit in with the other imagesContinue reading “Deleted Scenes, pt. 2”

A once imposing fortress

Our last post has – both literally and figuratively – been leading up to one of Lower Austria’s finest castle ruins, Araburg. With its 12th century keep and hall, protected by an outer bailey from the 15th century, it certainly is a sight worth seeing. So today, we invited an expert guest blogger to giveContinue reading “A once imposing fortress”

A plain old country church, or The Ted Mosby of medieval studies

Are any of you fans of How I met your mother? Well, if you’re not, you should be… Seriously, I think it’s a great show, and I can always relate to main character Ted Mosby. Most of the time he’s a regular nice guy and often quite witty. Unfortunately, though, he’s also an architect and,Continue reading “A plain old country church, or The Ted Mosby of medieval studies”

Among the trees and bushes…

The Wienerwald region is certainly most notable for its extensive forests and its often ruggedly picturesque landscape. It is, however, also spersed with medieval castles on rocky hilltops and ancient monasteries in bosky vales. So when we went hiking there on Sunday, we also took the chance to visit the former Benedictine abbey of Klein-Mariazell.Continue reading “Among the trees and bushes…”

A perfect Sunday …

Today, [c] and I spent a wonderful Sunday hiking in the Wienerwald, a large hilly forest southwest of Vienna. The woods presented themselves in their most beautiful autumnal dresses and we immensely enjoyed walking beneath those majestic trees warmly glowing in the light. The deeper we penetrated the forest, the quieter and calmer the atmosphereContinue reading “A perfect Sunday …”