Winter Sleep

December 31, 2015


The last two months went by in a blink, between working hard at the museum, catching up with friends before Christmas, interspersed with some panicking about the PhD, and finally, collapsing for a week of Christmas hibernation in the Tyrolean Alps, where much-needed sleep and food was had. Now, I am in Vienna to spend a few days with [c], to catch up with some of the other wonderful people here, and to generally continue with the recharging of batteries before I will return to London for what will be a very full January work-wise. Being in Vienna also means that I have my trusted photographer at hand for some knitwear documentation:

Pattern: Hayward by Julie Hoover
Yarn: Brooklyn Tweed LOFT [colour: Sweatshirt]
Needles: 4.5mm
[More project details on Ravelry]

I was in desperate need for a good layering piece, and this pattern fits that bill perfectly. The clever shape, somewhere between poncho and sweater, makes this piece perfect for throwing on over a T-Shirt or dress, and I will also be able to wear it by itself once the days will get warmer again. My lack of sewing skills presented me with quite a challenge when assembling the single parts of the project, but I am happy to report that after about five failed attempts, I have now finally mastered the art of the invisible mattress stitch. Success!

[c] and I will retreat to the countryside for a quiet transition into the New Year. Have a good 2016, with lots of time for your loved ones, nature, making, writing, and with whatever else makes you happy!

At this time of year…

December 8, 2015

…when evening mists settle over the city, Vienna sometimes looks like the backdrop to one of those Tim Burton movies where the dead can’t be bothered to stay in their graves. Or maybe to one of the more uncanny films by Ingmar Bergman. Either way, it’s beautiful, don’t you think?