One for the list

July 22, 2010

Last night’s dinner conversation was on Cary Grant and Chinese medicine, Thai cooking and Mario Vargas Llosa, Greek beaches and Norwegian Forest Cats, haircuts and happy endings, air conditioning and those bl**dy midgets, last week’s Life Ball and Vienna’s sewage system – or rather the lack thereof – in the Napoleonic era. This particular list of topics, of course, allows only one conclusion: We had dinner with our dear friend A. who is not only very knowledgeable but also extremely witty and will turn any conversation into a slightly surreal, yet highly fascinating panopticon of interesting and often unexpected things.

Following A.’s suggestion we had our meal at this place called Stomach. Oddly enough we’d never heard of it which is probably due to the fact that it’s located in a side street, rather off the city’s beaten tracks, and in quite a different part of town from where we live. It is certainly worth a detour, though: The food was delicious and so was the wine, the vaulted rooms are light and atmospheric, there’s the most beautiful back garden to sit outside and, to make everything more perfect still, there’s two handsome black cats belonging to the house. So this place will definitely make “the list”.

Our “list” contains the names and addresses of places we love so much we’d like to remember and, if possible, revisit them. It mostly consists of restaurants, hotels and bed & breakfasts we’ve chanced upon on our travels, but it also features some second-hand bookstores with a focus on art books. So far it exists only as a set of messy handwritten notes in my pocket filofax but we’re planning on adding it to the pages of this blog in the near future. That way, our list will hopefully become more structured and may be followed up more easily. Also, that way it may be of use not only to ourselves but to all of you in case you should ever be looking for a decent restaurant or a well-assorted bookstore in, say, Florence or Brussels. Therefore we will also include some of our favourite haunts in our current hometown, Vienna, which we never bothered to write down for ourselves but which might be of interest to anyone who comes here as a tourist.

Well, so much for now. I guess it will still be a few weeks until “The List” will finally be online – you’ll hear a lot more about the Stomach and other great places then.

In other news: [m] received loads of fancy, mail-ordered yarn these past few days, so expect to read some knitting-related posts here in the coming weeks…