Springhill Gardens Saturday

The view from my writing desk is stunning this morning, with all the trees in full bloom, and the sun shining in a glorious blue sky. This will hopefully make for a productive day of PhD writing, interrupted by a stroll through the park and a nice brunch with [c], to make the most ofContinue reading “Springhill Gardens Saturday”

d a f f o d i l s

This week, I have been walking to work alongside this wonderful explosion of spring gorgeousness. Every day, new flowers have been appearing alongside the streets and have been turning their faces towards the Glaswegian sun (yes, such a thing exists despite the city’s fondness for rain and storms). I seem to have longed for colour and the arrival ofContinue reading “d a f f o d i l s”

A Sweater per Year

These days, my knitting endeavours seem to be limited to not even one finished project  per year; I was surprised, astonished even, to discover that almost fourteen months have passed since I finished my last sweater. But look – here is a new one: Pattern: Fall Sweater / Høstgenser by Anna & Heidi Pickles Yarn: Rowan Cocoon [colour: 802 Alpine]Continue reading “A Sweater per Year”