Weekend in the Middle of the Week

The last weeks were very, very busy for me here in London – I attended quite a few conferences [excitement! weird medieval stuff! nice new acquaintances!], had to meet an essay deadline [why, oh why is it that I always stretch the time frame as far as humanly possible and come out at the end of theContinue reading “Weekend in the Middle of the Week”

Keep your cat trimmed and shining

In the face of recent events, we interrupt our usual program with a piece of vital information for our dear friend [a] who almost got eaten alive by his cats when he tried to brush them a couple of days ago. So, here’s some advice coming to you from the year 1914 courtesy of BibliothekContinue reading “Keep your cat trimmed and shining”

A quick one (while we’re away)…

Rumour has it that posting pictures of cute kitties will lure more readers/viewers to your blog than writing a proper post. So here we go:   Granted, these are not exactly kitties – they’re our friend [a]’s fully grown Norwegian Forest Cats who have been featured here before – but I’ve been meaning to post these picsContinue reading “A quick one (while we’re away)…”

Of weekend endeavours…

We’ve been meaning to post loads of interesting stuff this weekend  – but that was based on the assumption that we’d be doing loads of interesting, post-worthy things. Which we didn’t. Instead, we ended up catsitting for our friend A. who owns two handsome Norwegian Forest Cats*… …and moving pieces of battered old furniture aroundContinue reading “Of weekend endeavours…”

One for the list

Last night’s dinner conversation was on Cary Grant and Chinese medicine, Thai cooking and Mario Vargas Llosa, Greek beaches and Norwegian Forest Cats, haircuts and happy endings, air conditioning and those bl**dy midgets, last week’s Life Ball and Vienna’s sewage system – or rather the lack thereof – in the Napoleonic era. This particular listContinue reading “One for the list”