What I made…

March 17, 2014

… in between a visit to Brussels, a weekend with [c] in London, writing half a chapter and a paper, attending two conferences, giving two trial versions of said paper, and a bunch of other things I can’t remember right now:

These were not made after a proper pattern, really. I just cast on 60 stitches on 2.25mm needles and used different fingering weight yarns I had around. I took up the idea of block-striping the warmers from mustaavillaa‘s and handepande‘s gorgeous takes on the theme. Score!

[More project details on Ravelry]

A Walk by the Canal

March 2, 2014

Here in Vienna, we haven’t really had a proper winter this year. But despite the lack of frost and snow, we just had a few months of cold-ish, grey-ish weather, so it’s still really nice that spring seems to have arrived, bringing warmth and sunshine.

A few days ago, I therefore decided to take a late-afternoon stroll by the Danube Canal in order to get my share of that pristine springtime air and to maybe take a few photos of Vienna in the sun…

Walking along the canal is always nice, even though architecture-wise it is mostly framed by nondescript postwar buildings and doesn’t have too much to offer. This being Vienna, there are of course still some remarkable buildings along the way, like the Urania, an observatory-cum-education centre, built in 1909-1910:

Designed in a Neo-Baroque style with some art-noveau flourishes, the Urania was planned by Max Fabiani (1865-1962), a student of Vienna’s art-nouveau whiz, Otto Wagner (1841-1918). A bit further up the canal, one encounters one of Wagner’s own works, the so-called Schützenhaus, built in 1904-1908 as part of a weir:

This small service-building is one of Wagner’s lesser-known works, but with its white and blue colour scheme and its wavy ornaments, it is a fine example of a building reflecting its purpose and location.

But the nice part of walking along the canal on that spring day wasn’t so much the looking at architecture, but the warmth and intensity of the colours in the afternoon sun, and the colourful reflections of graffiti in the water…

Speaking of graffiti, if you’re into this art form, the banks of the Danube Canal really are the place to go to in Vienna. There are some pretty cool examples here, not least of the kind you’d rather describe as street art than graffiti:

My favourite is this next one…

… even though, admittedly, it is rather strange. But, I don’t know, it somehow reminded me of Hayao Miyazaki and I do have a weakness for all things strange.

But, come to think of it, few things are as strange as seeing your own weirdly elongated shadow walk before you when the sun is already low on a late winter’s day…