St. Marx Cemetery [the snowy edition]

March 28, 2013

One of our main reasons for blogging – and I believe it is the same for most bloggers – is to share stuff with others, that is: you, our readers. Admittedly, though, we also keep this blog as a sort of online diary for ourselves, and that is why you have to bear yet another post about snow:

The thing is, we’ve had quite a lot of snow (again) in the last few days, and for Vienna in late March this is quite extraordinary. I mean it’s not as unheard of as, e.g., a rain of frogs but it certainly is unusual enough to merit chronicling.

And since the old cemetery of St. Marx is basically just around the corner from our Vienna flat, what better way to record the event than by going out and taking pictures of yet another graveyard in the snow:

Regular readers may remember St. Marx Cemetery even though it’s been a while since we last featured it here. Opened in 1784 and closed ninety years later, it is the city’s only graveyard predating the Zentralfriedhof to survive in a mostly intact state.

Previous posts dedicated to St. Marx Cemetery showed it in its full springtime glory and in its autumn gloom. Having now added winter to the list, you can easily guess in which season – though not necessarily in which year – you may expect our next post on the subject…

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