Another snowy day…

January 9, 2013

Lately, it seems, I only get round to blogging when it snows…

In a way, this is only consequent, because snow here in Vienna is something rare, and it never lasts for too long. Indeed, all that snow you see in these photos, taken only yesterday, well, none of it is left even today, and things are back to the same old wet and murky grey. So whenever it snows, I somehow feel an urge to capture the moment, knowing it won’t last. And this, of course, means that I’ll take my camera with me and end up with something to show you…

The problem, however, is that on a ‘normal’, snow-free day I usually don’t carry the camera with me because the downside to owning a big, fancy DSLR is, obviously, that it is big and unwieldly and not exactly lightweight. I mean, it’s no big deal when it’s just the camera you have to carry. But if, like me, you’re in a line of work where you’re likely to be carrying around a laptop computer and/or books most of the time, you tend to think twice before you decide to take your camera along as well.

In the long run, though, I guess I will have to find a solution for this problem – otherwise this blog might run the risk of turning into The Snow Blog or something. But for now, why don’t you just ignore everything I just wrote and simply enjoy the snow in the pictures…

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