Seriously? Snow?!

October 29, 2012

I know I’ve said it before, but I really love autumn, the time of year when the sky goes all grey and sombre but the colours on trees and bushes and suchlike just seem to go into overdrive…

This year, though, here in Vienna we were in for something of a special visual treat, the rare combination of the red and golden leaves of autumn with freshly fallen snow:

Now, I must admit that last week when the forecast promised snow for the weekend I remained sceptical – after all, it’s only October and we don’t usually get snow around here before November. Well, as it turned out, the forecast was right…

While there was only very little snow in the central parts of the city, things were looking decidedly more wintery in the Wienerwald hills just outside of town.

Even there, however, the snowfall hadn’t been all that intense and it looked more as if some heavenly being had sprinkled the land with powdered sugar overnight.

Naturally, I couldn’t resist therefore to take a Sunday morning walk in the Wienerwald woods yesterday, though I must say I was glad that most of the walk actually lead through the woods…

…where the trees provided shelter from the chilly wind.


Out in the open, unfortunately, the strong wind somewhat perturbed my enjoyment of the glorious views and proved a harsh reminder that winter’s pleasures come at the price of often annoyingly cold weather…

Not that I’m complaining, though… After all, there is such a thing as hand-knit sweaters to protect oneself from the cold, and the beauty of the autumn woods in the snow more than made up for any inconvenience the weather might have caused.

7 Responses to “Seriously? Snow?!”

  1. Sigrun said

    Beautiful pictures!

  2. What a stunningly beautiful place you live in…

    • [c] said

      Thanks, Kirsten, it does good to hear that from an outsider – I’m afraid when you’ve been living somewhere for a long time you sometimes tend to forget how amazing that place actually is… But yes, the Wienerwald hills in autumn are incredibly beautiful!

      • I know what you mean… by the way, I’m reading Terry Pratchett’s latest – Dodger – and I think you’d really like it.

        No knitting so far but I’ve learnt so much about social reform in the Victorian age just from googling all the characters’ names! Plus it’s a good, fun read :-)

      • [c] said

        Thanks for the tip! I’m sure I will get round to reading Dodger in the near future, though I guess it will be strange to read something by Pratchett which is not set on Discworld ;-) Then again, there probably isn’t that much difference between Victorian London and Ankh Morpork anyway…

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