May 26, 2012

As you may have gathered from our recent prolonged silence, these past few weeks both [m] and I have been busy with a lot of things and, apart from the fact that they didn’t leave us with sufficient time for blogging, most of them weren’t so noteworthy as to make it unto our blog anyway…

One of the more annoying things or, rather, the most annoying thing that happened to me since I last blogged here was that my trusted camera temporarily gave up its ghost about a month ago. (And, on a sidenote, I guess that not being able to take pictures in a way also kept me from blogging.) However, one costly repair later it now works fine again (though, on another sidenote, I really must say that the repair – while far from being cheap – wasn’t actually half as expensive as I had expected.) Anyway, I finally went to pick up my camera from the repair shop just the other day, and the moment I stepped out of that shop’s door I couldn’t help but start taking pictures immediately…

Now the funny thing is that the repair shop is located in a street [m] used to live in a few years ago, and I hadn’t been back there ever since she moved out from that place. Not that the street is particularly remote or anything… It’s actually right next to a major train station and to a major museum, both of which I frequent with a certain regularity. But it’s just one of those mostly residential streets that one usually only enters if he/she either lives or works there…

So I guess you could say that after my (more or less) recent trip to Oxford, I just did some more revisiting, even though admittedly on a smaller scale and on a more local level. Come to think of it, revisting seems to be a recurring theme in my life these past few months because back in April I revisited yet another place I hadn’t been to in over ten years. I even started writing a blog post about that, but I never got past the first three lines. The draft is still there, though, and I hope I’ll be able to finally bring it to an end and share with you in the course of next week. So, despite the recent inconstancies, I hope you’ll stay tuned…

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