Weekend in the Middle of the Week

March 28, 2012

The last weeks were very, very busy for me here in London – I attended quite a few conferences [excitement! weird medieval stuff! nice new acquaintances!], had to meet an essay deadline [why, oh why is it that I always stretch the time frame as far as humanly possible and come out at the end of the tunnel in complete exhaustion?!?], and took the first steps to organizing the next six weeks that will be even busier than the last ones [deadline for the very big essay that will determine if I will be upgraded to proper PhD status! preparation for the first conference paper yours truly will give in English! short trip to the South Tyrolean Alps!]. Thus, with [c] being in town for a few days after his important Oxford business, and with London in all its springtime glory, full of warmth and sunshine, we have decided that we will prepone weekend for once and give ourselves a proper break in lovely company before returning to our everyday routines [picture of that: see above].

 Rather befitting this spirit of weekend, here are some pictures of the project that kept me sane during the last weeks, and that was finished just in time for the arrival of his highness, my personal knitting project photographer:

Pattern: super SLOUCH socks by Emily Foden
Yarn: various stash yarns
Needles: 2 mm
[More project details on Ravelry]

This is a very genius pattern that combines the coziness of leg-warmers with the snugness of proper socks – perfect for those chilly Sunday mornings hanging around in bed or on the sofa, and perfect for people like me who refuse to wear slippers even in arctic temperatures. The socks are knit top-down, can be knitted either with sock needles or in the round, and are the most perfect stash busters.


I never thought I would actually manage to knit two socks and thus finish a whole pair –  normally, I get bored after the first one, throw that in my knitting basket and just leave it with that. This project might finally have infected me with the sock-bug!


And now excuse me, I have to get back to urgent weekend-y business, will put on those socks, snuggle up with [c] on the couch and watch a nice movie!

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  1. LuisaM said

    Have a great weekend!!!

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