Late (for) WOVEMBER

As many of you will know, on November 1, Kate Davies of needled and Felicity Ford of The Domestic Soundscape solemnly proclaimed the beginning of the month of WOVEMBER, defining it “a grass-roots, month-long celebration of all things woollen and woolly”. The quote is from this post by Kate where she also invites her readers to “talk about what woolContinue reading “Late (for) WOVEMBER”

This time of the year…

It is this time of the year again where Vienna’s ice-cream parlours have put their shutters down for their customary winter break… … while, early in the morning, the leaves on the trees and bushes are already covered by the icy dabs of frost… … and it seems as if the morning mist was swallowing theContinue reading “This time of the year…”

Of Parks, a Palace, and a Power Station

October was really busy for me with a conference paper to deliver in the middle of the month and a deadline for an article at the end of it keeping me on my toes. But as soon as November came around, things were looking up as I packed my bags, boarded a plane and wentContinue reading “Of Parks, a Palace, and a Power Station”