Big Changes

October 8, 2011

These last months have been extremely challening, both for [c] and for myself. We were buried under an extremely heavy workload, he going through the final stages of his dissertation and me at my new job, where I finally started feeling at home after really exhausting six months. We were really looking forward to our holiday in the mountains and, above all, to the upcoming autumn, when things should have become considerably calmer and more relaxed. However, life decided otherwise.


At the beginning of August, I found a rather upsetting, but at the same time very exciting email in my inbox: A very prestigious London-based art historical institution offered me a grant for their three year long PhD course, to begin this upcoming October! I had applied for this programme already in 2010, but was told then that it would be nearly impossible for me to get funding, due to financial limitations the institute was facing at that time. So this came as a rather big surprise, as you can imagine! So, after discussing things at length with [c], and talking through how we felt with taking up a long distance relationship for the time being, we decided that I should go for it and move to London.


So, here I am! Currently, I am staying at a very generous friend’s house and am trying to get used again to a life amongst books and archival sources. There are lots of things that have to be organised [searching for a nice and affordable room in a flatshare being the most difficult, I think], and bureaucratic challenges that have to be faced [did not know how complicated it would be to set up a basic bank account], but all in all, the transition feels quite ok so far. Although I miss my friends in Vienna, my workplace, my wonderful collegues and not to mention [c] very much, I feel that this was the right decision to make.

And apart from all the academic and cultural delights London will hopefully have to offer me during the next years, I am of course also very keen on exploring all the knitterly and wooly goodness here on the Isles! Likewise, I would also be very happy to finally meet personally some of you London-based Ravellers out there, at one time or the other. Hopefully, see you soon!

PS: and yes, there is a slowly growing project on my needles …

5 Responses to “Big Changes”

  1. Welcome to my country!

    Good luck with establishing yourself in The Big Smoke and mega congrats on being awarded that scholarship.

  2. Vera said

    Wish you all the best !!!!!!

  3. Suse said

    Congratulations on that very exciting news. Enjoy London!

  4. That sounds incredibly challenging actually, and all luck to you (both). I recommend the Institute of Historical Research’s seminar series and indeed its library, such as one can currently get at. Maybe see you there!

  5. Annie said

    A big change indeed. Congratulations !! And enjoy :D

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