Alright, okay, you win

August 11, 2011

Another post written in kind of a hurry – so hurriedly in fact that we didn’t even get round to including any pictures…

Anyway, we just wanted to say thanks a thousands times for all your nice comments on our Blogiversary and on the Deleted Scenes posts! And, of course, we wish to thank you all for hanging out here and reading our blog!

Also, we’re happy to inform that we have now drawn a winner in our anniversary giveaway – and the winner is [IMAGINARY DRUMROLL] Tatha of Stitched in Love. So, congratulations, Tatha :-) Please let us know your postal address (see the About section for our e-mail-address) and we’ll mail the yarn to you as soon as possible – which, however, won’t be before next week, because we’re actually leaving for a short holiday tomorrow morning. And now, if you excuse us, in our corner of the world it’s almost midnight and we still have some packing to do…

All the best,

[c] & [m]

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