Deleted Scenes, pt. 1

August 5, 2011

While we all are waiting for the grand anniversary prize draw*, we figured that in order to review our first year in the blogosphere we’d show you some Deleted Scenes. So over the next few days we’ll be posting photos which for one reason or another didn’t make it unto our blog in the past twelve months…

August 22, 2010

This was taken when we went out to discover Olbrich, i.e. have a look at the works of Viennese art-nouveau architect Joseph Maria Olbrich. His most famous building, Vienna’s Secession, was designed as an exhibition hall in 1897 and still serves the same purpose today. When we went there last August, a show of young contemporary artists was on display, and while we blogged about the building we never got round to blogging about that exhibition. So, a little belatedly, you can catch a glimpse of it in the above photo – it shows a work by Judit Fischer titled Giant Confetti (2009).

September 16, 2010

… [m] and her then new Idlewood sweater. This is her asking: “Do you think it’d be a good idea if I held the collar like this, so that people could see how huge it actually is?” Back then, my answer was “No”, but in retrospect I believe it’s quite a funny photo…


* If you want to enter the giveaway, you can still do it by simply leaving a comment on yesterday’s post.

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