Blogiversary (Las Vegas Style)

August 4, 2011

Remember how we promised you clowns, balloons and celebrations at the end of our previous post? Well, the thing is that a few weeks ago, on July 17, this here blog turned one year old. (And, coincidentally, last week’s entry was our 100th post.) So for a few weeks now we’ve been planning on properly celebrating the event – we were thinking something grand and fabulous, you know, the blogging equivalent of the friggin’ Royal Wedding. As things are, however, at the moment we just don’t have time for something like that, so we’ll have to do things rather more curtly – more like the blogging equivalent of a drive-in wedding in Las Vegas…

So here’s the deal: As is customary for knitting blogs, we’re having a little giveaway. What we’re giving away is this…

… a skein of hand dyed yarn from local spinner/dyer karlaA. The technical details are:

Fibers: 75% Pure Wool, 25% Bamboo

Weight: Fingering / 4 ply

Unit weight: 100g (3,53 ounces)

Yardage: 420m (459 yards)

If you want this fine skein of yarn to be yours, all you have to do is to leave a comment – any comment – at the end of this post. We will randomly draw a winner next week from all entries received by Wednesday, August 10, 12:00h (Central European Time).

So this was it… Sorry, no clowns, no balloons… Oh, but hang on, I said we were going to do this Las Vegas style – so here’s not one but a whole bunch of Elvis imitators for you (and yes, one of them is Quentin Tarantino):

15 Responses to “Blogiversary (Las Vegas Style)”

  1. reluctant2 said

    and Betty White, too!?! Bestest of congratulations. I’ve loved reading about and seeing especially all the architecture photography. Of course, the knitting, too, which I always admire and sometimes secretly covet.

    Alas, I see that I have more yarn than time to knit it, so I hope your lovely skein of hand dyed goes to a worthy reader.

    much love

  2. Tatha said

    I would love it!

  3. nadia said

    happy blogday dear c&m ;) i’m a little disapointed because i was really looking forward for the balloons, but the yarn looks nice too :-)

  4. Luisa said

    Happy Blogday!
    I can’t remember how I found it but I really enjoy reading.
    And maybe I’ll get lucky…

  5. Happy blogiversary! Elvises (elvii?) and the chance to win yarn have got to be better than clowns and balloons, for me anyway, so thanks for that and for the excellent blogging (-:

  6. Siga said

    Happy blogiversary! And to a new exciting year!

  7. Ogi. said

    Happy blogiversary! And thank you for this great giveaway :)

  8. Dona said

    Happy Blogiversary! And to a new beautiful year! Thank you for the great giveway too! :)

  9. Pippa said

    Happy blogiversary.

  10. Vera said

    Congratulations !!! Fantastic blog !!!

  11. JoannaCos (Rav) said

    Oh my gosh, I’ve seen that ep at least a hundred times and never realized one of the Elvi was Quentin Tarantino! Learn something new every day! Thanks.

  12. Clari-Anne said

    Happy Blogiversary! This yarn looks so nice !

  13. Annie said

    Happy Blogoversary guys. And what a brilliant giveaway! I’m bouncing up and down here chanting ‘I hope I win’, ‘I hope I win’, so that’s one clown for you anyway ;)

  14. bloepper said

    ha ha! give me elvis impersonators over royal weddings any day of the week. i look forward to winning that lovely wool AND to hearing more from you on the blog.

  15. Happy Blog Birthday!

    I am catching up on blog reading and loving your “deleted scenes” posts. I agree that the photo featuring the massive sweater collar (Idlewood) was a good one and I like the night-time photos and the pause to reflect on the editing process – what gets blogged, what doesn’t – etc.

    Keep going, I love this blog.

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