July 11, 2011

These past few days, our dear friend [k] was in town and, since she was staying at our place, we got to spend a lot of time with her. This means our days were filled with long breakfasts and with delicious dinners, both at home and at some of our favourite restaurants, …

… with lots of coffee…

… cake and ice-cream…


… and with long and interesting conversations one of which was joined by our friend [a]…

As for outdoor activities, I’ll just say that [m] and [k] managed to squeeze in some shopping between meals ;-)

And on Sunday afternoon we all went for a long walk in Vienna’s Central Cemetery:

I’m aware that sometimes non-Viennese people are slightly puzzled by the fact that in Vienna strolling through a graveyard is a popular and perfectly acceptable leisure activity. But, after all, the Central Cemetery really is just a huge park with some tombstones thrown in. Ok, with many many tombstones thrown in…


And with temperatures of about 36 degrees Celsius (that’s about 97 degrees Fahrenheit), the cool shade offered by the cemetery’s trees was more than welcome…

2 Responses to “weekend”

  1. kathrin dünser said

    ;-), hugs & kisses from the far west…it was a perfect weekend!!!

  2. I think a cemetery should either be a stark and thought-provoking memento mori or a pleasant place to rest, for both groups of its users. I’m not decided about how I’d like my body disposed of in general, but if it’s to be burial then the latter seems like the better option to me, because who wants to bring people down even once one’s dead? It looks like a lovely place to walk.

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