Rumour has it that posting pictures of cute kitties will lure more readers/viewers to your blog than writing a proper post. So here we go:


Granted, these are not exactly kitties – they’re our friend [a]’s fully grown Norwegian Forest Cats who have been featured here before – but I’ve been meaning to post these pics ever since we ended up at [a]’s place a couple of weeks ago.

Oh, and we’ve also been meaning to come up with some proper blog posts these past few weeks but, well, life keeps getting in the way. Don’t worry, though, we hope to make a full comeback in the blogosphere anytime soon and chances are there’ll be clowns, balloons and celebrations; maybe we’ll even borrow [a]’s cats and do some sort of Siegfried & Roy number ;-) Just wait and see…

Summer Knitting

July 17, 2011

Tody, we enjoyed a lazy Sunday at [c]’s parents’ swimming pond. Before diving into the cool and refreshing water and spending a marvelous afternoon including some good reading and loads of tasty ice cream, I even managed to squeeze in some rows of knitting in the early morning sun:

I have found the perfect yarn for the endeavour of knitting a lovely summery scarf. ITO Kinu is a silk yarn that has the coolness and lightness which is indispensable for a good yarn to knit with in the summery heat, and the sunny colour I have chosen for this project just adds to today’s holiday feeling: