[summer embrace]

June 12, 2011

PatternRhombus Wrap by Kirsten Johnstone
Yarn: Ito Asayaka [Colour: 195 gray], Fiberspates Nef Lace [Colour: Water]
Needles: 4.5 mm
[More project details on Ravelry]

This is what became of the beautiful yarn I purchased some weeks ago at the lovely new LYS in our neighbourhood. As you may remember, [c] and I spent a lovely morning there, and of course I could not resist to try out some of the lovely Japanese yarn goodness at display. I had a really hard time deciding which yarn to bring home, but in the end came back with a bag full of ITO Asayaka, which is a ribbon yarn made of chain stitches, the material being a blend of the most gorgeous linen and cotton.

Although ITO asayaka is a very strong and relatively thick yarn, my first swatch turned out much too loose, and the beautiful float stitches of the pattern were a little too open. The solution was found in my yarn drawer, where I re-discovered a beautiful skein of Fyberspates Nef Lace. And look, what a wonderful luxurious textile in a beautiful shade of a bright blue-ish grey came into being! The knitted fabric is relatively heavy and smooth, and has the coolness of linen and the softness of silk at the same time – both qualities unbeatable for a summer garment.


As for the pattern itself – it always amazes me how the most simple ideas and concepts often produce the most amazing results. This is certainly the case with this unique piece. It basically consists of a knitted rhombus with two openings for the arms, and can be wrapped around body and shoulders in manifold ways. A shawl pin and a little bit of imagination is all you further need. Thank you, Kirsten, for another very sophisticated design jewel!

As regards other aspects of my life apart from knitting – as you may have guessed, I am still swamped with work, but am already busy working on an escape plan to get my life back into balance. More on that matter, hopefully soon …

2 Responses to “[summer embrace]”

  1. reluctant2 said

    Dearest Michaela
    Such an elegant piece knit with your fine eye for color and texture. I, too, have been admiring the design and recently purchased the Ori Ami book. Now after seeing your quietly textured version, I especially look forward to knitting it.
    happy summer,

  2. Felix said

    That is such an elegant piece… what a marvellous pairing of pattern and yarn! I love all the different ways it can be worn. Bravo.

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