Walking through the park …

May 28, 2011

Last Saturday, when we finally managed to drag ourselves away from our new local yarn store, we decided to visit the Museum of Applied Arts, and the shortest (and nicest) way to get there was by walking through the Stadtpark [City Park]. Situated to the south-east of Vienna’s city centre, the Stadtpark extends along the banks of the Wien river. At the western end of the park, the river bed is “framed” by a fine piece of art-nouveau-architecture – including pavilions and promenades – built from 1903 to 1907. This was designed by architects Friedrich Ohmann (1858-1927) and Josef Hackhofer (1863-1917), and it’s a rare example of art-nouveau landscape architecture. So, as you might expect, my inner Ted Mosby is all bent on giving you a lecture on the principles of, well, art-nouveau landscape architecture. But I believe that would not be an appropriate way of writing about a nice stroll through the park on a sunny Saturday afternoon. So no lecture today, just some photos which I hope you’ll enjoy…

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