May 25, 2011

These past few months, practically all our weekends were filled with stuff like work, family obligations and catching up with the housework. So when we realized last Saturday that, for the the first time in weeks and weeks, we finally had a proper day off we were almost at a loss what to do with all that unusual free time. But only almost. In the end, we had a great day which included a spontaneous dinner with our friend [a], a visit to Vienna’s Museum of Applied Arts and a stroll through the city that made us almost feel like tourists (complete with lunch at a hot dog stand). Oh, and we finally checked out this new Local Yarn Store…

The store in question is called Laufmasche, it’s located in Argentinierstraße 28, and actually opened a little more than a month ago. They offer a fine assortment of high quality and luxury yarns with a focus on ecologically produced European yarns on the one hand, and on Japanese ITO yarns on the other. (For more information check out their online shop or their Ravelry page). So I guess it’s a place where you go to buy something a bit special rather than something cheap and basic, but up to now a place like this has been sorely missed among Vienna’s yarn stores – let me just say that it’s the only shop in town to stock ITO yarns, and, for all I know, the only shop in the world to stock the hand-painted yarns of local Austrian spinner/dyer karlaA. (You may, of course, also buy karlaA yarns online.)

I believe, it comes as no surprise then when I tell you that [m] left the shop carrying several strands of newly purchased ITO Asayaka in her bag (which I am sure will make an appearance on the pages of this blog sooner or later. That is the yarn, not the bag)…

But Laufmasche doesn’t just offer fabulous yarn, even the shop itself is quite fabulous as well – it has the most amazing historic wood paneling and shelves which really add a lot of character to the place:

Best of all though, the shop is really spacious (as opposed to the other yarn stores in this town which usually just consist of a narrow corridor with yarn stacked on either side, and, I suspect, frequently feature in claustrophobics’ nightmares). This may not be evident from my photos but there’s more pictures on the store’s website which will give you a better idea of what I’m talking about.

Part of this ample space in the shop was used to put in a huge, comfy couch where you are always welcome to sit down and hang out with your knitting. So if you’re a knitter who happens to visit Vienna this may be a good opportunity to get to meet other knitters. You may, of course, do this any time you like but if you’re looking for company you may perhaps prefer to drop in during the weekly After Work Knitting which takes place every Friday from 4 to 8 p.m. Or you may just stop by to buy some yarn…

4 Responses to “New LYS”

  1. karlaA said

    thank you for this nice report about Laufmasche and my yarns! I was very glad to read this!
    nice greetings, regine – karlaA

  2. ramaryllis said

    I’ve been there recently too – very nice shop & very friendly owner.

  3. [c] said

    Thanks for your comments, karlaA and ramaryllis!

    And who knows, maybe one day we’ll run into each other at “Laufmasche” :-)

  4. vanessa said

    beautiful display of garment and yarns :)

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