Out of season

April 25, 2011

We spent the Easter weekend house-sitting for my parents who went to visit my sister in Scotland. Since my parents’ house comes with a huge garden and I brought along my camera, I figured the weekend would result in another post full of photos showing springtime flowers, blooms and blossoms – usually, around Easter, the garden is full of tulips and narcissuses. What with Easter being particularly late this year, however, most of the flowers are already withered and look like this*:

So, basically, all I have to offer is the ubiquitous dandelion …

… and a patch of some pretty purple-ish flowers, the name of which escapes my botanical knowledge (feel free to chime in and help out if you happen to know what they’re called) …

Usually, there’d also be some Easter decorations around the house and the garden, but since my mum knew she wasn’t going to be home she didn’t put up any of them this year. Well, I guess it’s a good thing then, she never bothered to put away all of her Christmas decorations …

* Though, of course, not all of them come with a spider…

3 Responses to “Out of season”

  1. Upright Phlox.

    Our daffodils have only just started blooming and most of my other flowers are still only a few inches of leaves poking out of the ground. I admit, I have yet to take down the Christmas wreath off the front door since we never use that door in the winter. Paradoxically I do have a few dandelions already to that seed stage which is so lovely in pictures and so vexing in the lawn.

    • [c] said

      And btw, I have to admit that I like dandelions much more than I like lawns so I don’t find them vexing at all ;-)

  2. Such a helpfully symmetrical spider, though! A novice wouldn’t know the flower didn’t have those lines…

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