Fairytale Mugs

February 26, 2011

To round off this month’s fairytale theme, here’s something I stumbled upon at my parents’ house just the other day:

According to my mum, my sister and me had these mugs when we were little kids, though personally I don’t have any recollection of it. To me they look like they might as well be relics from my mum’s own childhood…

I’m not sure what material the mugs are made of, but it seems to be some sort of glazed metal. By now, of course, they’re a bit battered and at some spots the glazing’s coming off, so I guess if you actually drank from them, you’d end up with metal poisoning.

But aren’t they cute?


2 Responses to “Fairytale Mugs”

  1. LuneH said

    This is definitely enamelled iron. In France such kitchenware was found in every home (coffe pots, pans, mugs like yours…). You would find pieces of furniture too. This is my childhood…

    • [c] said

      Thanks for the clarification! The funny thing is that my grandma still has (and uses) this kind of kitchenware, so I’m quite familiar with it – or so I thought… When I wrote that blog post, however, I suddenly realized that I had no idea what that material actually was… Well, another thing learned :-)

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