Sixteen Tiles & Sixteen Tales

This is a follow up to my post of two weeks ago – it comes a bit belatedly since I spent last week skiing in the Carinthian Alps with my parents (more on which another time). Anyway, that last post about the fairytale-reliefs which decorate the school in Vienna’s Petrusgasse made me remember another buildingContinue reading “Sixteen Tiles & Sixteen Tales”

Sculpture, sculpture on the wall…

Those of you who have been following this blog through the last month or so won’t be surprised to hear that among my recent reading there was The Folklore of Discworld, written by Terry Pratchett and folklorist Jacqueline Simpson. It’s a sort of compendium of the innumerable folk and fairy tales that, over the years,Continue reading “Sculpture, sculpture on the wall…”

Lady Agna

Here’s something I’ve been wanting to post for quite a while now: It’s about this book I read a few months ago, Frau Agna [Lady Agna] by Heinz Tovote (1864-1946), published way back in 1901… Based in Berlin, Tovote was one of Germany’s most popular writers around 1900, and a benign view would be toContinue reading “Lady Agna”