January 20, 2011

As some of you may remember, I started my sewing career last summer by making a little dress for [c]’s baby niece. Although I did not actually sew anything new since then, I was quite busy doing research on sewing in general and sewing patterns in particular, and driving [c] crazy by blabbering about fabrics, fabrics, fabrics, dresses, blouses, skirts and again: fabrics.* The textiles I was particularly drawn to during that phase [and still am] were the beautiful  nani Iro double cotton gauzes by Japanese textile designer Naomi Ito …

… and it was just a question of time before I would stumble over this lovely pattern book entirely dedicated to these very special fabrics. I think what I find especially appealing about the clothes in this book apart from the fabrics just being gorgeous is their simplicity, their clean lines and, at least to a certain extent, their timelessness. They look so right, so balanced and quite unimpressed by actual fashion trends that I can imagine myself still wearing them twenty years from now.

Im am so much looking forward to start my first sewing project from this book! Unfortunately, at the moment crafting time is still a bit of a luxury for me, but I really hope that I will soon be able to squeeze in a couple of hours to get my sewing machine started [even if I still do not know how I will manage with the instructions in Japanese, not being an experienced seamstress at all. The diagrams look quite logical, though.]

In the meantime, I am very happily flipping through the pages of my new nani Iro Pattern book as well as through Stylish Dress Book Vol. 1,** drooling over beautifully photographed pictures of gorgeous designs and breathtaking fabrics …

* All my blabbering about yarn finally has, as you might know, led him to start knitting, so we will see how this will turn out in the end …
** Both books were purchased at m is for make, a lovely online shop for all things crafty.

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