The scarf without a name

January 9, 2011

As you’ve heard or, more precisely, read, [m] didn’t get much knitting done over Christmas. Well, neither did I. Still, [m] managed to start the New Year by blogging about a finished piece of knitting. Well, guess what, so do I:

This nice and warm and cosy scarf was a Christmas gift by our friend [j] who’s a prolific knitter. Oddly, though, she hasn’t joined Ravelry yet and, for a number of excuses reasons, seems unwilling to do so in the near future. However, I’m really fond of my new scarf, I like its simple texture and I just love that slightly odd shade of blue, so I thought it would be a shame not to share it with you. And who knows, maybe one far-off day you’ll have the pleasure of seeing more of [j]’s knitting on Ravelry…

Since this scarf was a gift, I’m unable to provide precise technical details. Well, I do know about the yarn, because [j] also gave me the yarn label so that I’d have the washing instructions: It’s Zara by Filatura di Crosa [Colourway 1792]. I do not have any information, though, regarding needle size or pattern. But seeing as the whole piece is done in a basic brioche stitch, I suspect that [j] didn’t use such a thing as a written pattern at all…

Being neither a Ravelry project nor based on a written pattern the scarf doesn’t come with a name attached to it.* So for the time being, it’s a scarf without a name, though in the long run, I guess it will end up being called something traditional like “[j]’s scarf” or simply “my blue scarf” – as in “Have you seen my blue scarf, I can’t seem to find it”.

*For non-knitters/non-Ravellers: Knitting patterns usually have some sort of fancy name, and when you add a new knitting project to your Ravelry page you usually give it a name, too. More often than not, this will correspond to the pattern name but some knitters – like myself and [m] – like to come up with entirely new names. Those may be based on the pattern name, but they may just as well be based on the colour used for the garment or on something else entirely. Whatever tickles your fancy, really…

Das Leben ist schön - Life is beautiful


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