Sleeping Beauty [2007]

January 6, 2011

Oh, is it already 2011? High time for me to pop in again and relieve poor [c] who has entertained you the whole last month with his musings on Swiss cities, medieval art and his wonderful Christmas baking. Actually, by now I was hoping to be able to present to you my next finished knitting project, but unfortunately my plan of doing some serious knitting during the Christmas holidays [which were spent at my mum’s in the South Tyrolean alps] got thwarted by a quite heavy influenza. I was too tired to even pick up a needle and was forced instead to lie curled up on the sofa, sleep, drink tea and watch the snow flakes dancing in the woods outside the window. But despite my feeling not too well, I had a lovely time with family and friends, and despite my enduring pause from knitting, I can still show you some – to you – new knitwear:

Pattern: Modell 14, in: Filati Accessoires 7 by Lana Grossa
Yarn: Lana Grossa Mood [discontinued]
Needles: 5mm
[More project details on Ravelry]

Actually, I have to admit that this shawl isn’t really that new. I finished it exactly three years ago, during the Christmas Holidays of 2007, at a time when I still had not discovered the wonderful world of Ravelry and when I took up my knitting only at very irregular intervals. I remember that I enjoyed making this piece very much, though. It is a simple rectangle [75cm x 140cm] that gets its interesting look by a a simple lace pattern knitted in bulky weight yarn and by a visual division into three differently coloured and sized stripes. I like the rustic and simple look very much, and the yarn [merino! silk!] is a true wonder of softness and warmth.

I wonder why this beauty ended up sleeping in the farthest corner of my cupboard without actually getting that much wear. I just discovered it again right before Christmas, when I was searching for something cozy to wear during my stay in the mountains. And I have to admit, I didn’t put it off much since then.

As you can see, I benefited from today’s holiday [Holy Three Kings / Epiphany] to work on some actually real new project*, which is growing slowly and steadily on the needles, while [c] played with his camera and his mum’s Christmas decorations:

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas time with your families and friends and wish you all the best for 2011! May there be love and friendship in your lives, and time to appreciate all the beauty that surrounds us every day of the year [and may there be lots of knitting …]!

*That is [c]’s dad in the background enjoying some curling on the frozen swimming pond in his garden …

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  1. Yarn Snob said

    I too was stuck down with a bad case of flu. I hope you are feeling much better now.
    I would not have thought you took up knitting at irregular intervals with this piece! It’s beautiful. Your knitting is an inspiration to me.

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