Happy Xmas

December 24, 2010

In a perfect world, this would be our big fancy “Christmas post” where we’d find wonderfully elaborate words to wish all our readers and all our friends – on Ravelry and elsewhere – a very merry Christmas and thank you all for your interest in our somewhat incoherent, if not disorderly, blog. Also, this post would be accompanied by a flashy computer-animated Nativity Play with bright colours and lots of special effects, not to mention the kind of sounds you’d only expect to hear from a pinball table or a 1980ies Steven Spielberg movie.

In the real world, we’ll just limit ourselves to a simple Merry Christmas and thank you, folks, and add yet another photo of a medieval piece of art:

It’s a 15th century relief from the church of San Nicola in Altamura, Italy, and though it’s neither colourful nor flashy, it does show the Nativity. And, if you look at the whole thing, you’ll realize that it has all the qualities a good Nativity play should have:

First and foremost, there’s the obligatory sense of naivety which is so characteristic for every proper Nativity Play. Then, there’s the full cast of angels playing their lutes and of shepherds playing their flutes (and see, there’s even a rhyme in it). And aren’t those sheep just adorable? Just look at the way they’re huddling together, cuddling up so tightly that they seem to be pushing each other out of the picture, almost like a flock of lemmings just about to jump off a cliff. Actually, those sheep even look a bit like lemmings, don’t they?*

So, this post may not be as fancy as we’d imagined it to be, but we hope you give us credit for creativity: Seriously, what other blog offers you the Nativity with lemmings?

And that’s goodnight from us, at least for this year… We’ll be offline for the next week or so, but we’ll be back in 2011 and we hope that so will you!

Take care, have a Great Christmas and New Year,

[c] & [m]

* I just checked in the Bible: It says “the shepherds were watching over their herd” (Luke 2,8), there’s no mention of sheep. So, strictly speaking, they might have been herding lemmings after all…

2 Responses to “Happy Xmas”

  1. Kty said

    Merry Christmas to you Michaela and thanks a lot for your lovely 2010 posts. Looking forward to reading you next year !

  2. janet said

    Dearest Michaela and Christian,

    A very warm and heartfelt Merry Christmas to you both. A herd of sheep or lemmings with good flute playing shepherds *and* a good dog. So grateful to you both for your clearheaded and organized sharings of life in another world (to me). Insightful and informed observations of art and architecture. What a treat!

    And, oh yes, thanks to St Francis of Assisi, too.
    With love and best wishes for the New Year,


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