Books! Books! Books!

November 19, 2010

This weekend, Vienna is the stage of the BUCH WIEN 10, the annual book fair where regional as well as international publishers present themselves, their authors and their books to the interested public. There are booths and stands displaying new books, and a broad ranging programme of live book readings, workshops and activities for children rounds off the event. Today, I had the chance of taking a quiet and relaxed stroll through the exhibition halls, and was very happy to immerse myself into a world full of books, books, books …


Since I am a very visual person, I am always very interested not only in how good the authors write their stories and texts, but also how the publishers conceive their books from an aesthetic point of view (i. e. the cover, the quality of the paper, the fonts and layouts they use, …), and last but not least, how they present themselves visually during such occasions as book fairs. This year, I was particularly impressed by the aesthetic booth performances of the Viennese publishers Metroverlag [see above] and Luftschacht [see below]. Both publishing houses are relatively small, their programme might be described as “indie” and their books are just as beautiful as their booths.


However, the little girl in me was particularly impressed by the big and colourful circus tent that is used for the book readings for children …


… and so was the flemish author of children’s books Bart Moeyaert during his lecture, as it seems:



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