Late Autumn …

November 17, 2010

It appears we’re way behind on our blogging. So this is still about our walk to the Araburg the previous Saturday, November 6

The thing is, we’d been for a walk in the very same area of the Wienerwald just a couple of weeks earlier (on October 24), and we were really amazed how much the aspect of the woods had changed in that short period of time. In late October it had still been all “The trees are in their autumn beauty / The woodland paths are dry“. Now, at the beginning of November, the paths were still dry, but the trees were already set for wintery bleakness…

If you took a closer look, however, there were still some colourful discoveries to be made along the way:

But it wasn’t only the close-ups that provided delightful views. Once we’d left the woods behind and walked through more open territory on our way down from the castle, there were breathtaking panoramic views across the Gölsen and the Triesting valleys…

Even the sun made an appearance and, remaining low in the sky, cast long shadows upon still verdant slopes…

Elsewhere, barren trees were silhouetted against a sky of blue, overcast with the kind of fluffy white clouds you’d only expect to see in children’s paintings…

Now, all of that was more than a week ago, and in the meantime things have changed once more. When we went for a wee walk this Sunday (November 14) there were still barren trees silhouetted against the sky, but even around midday they were engulfed in a persistent morning fog clinging to their branches and to the surrounding vineyards:

Even with all the fog in the picture you might have noticed that this isn’t the hilly landscape of the Wienerwald. No, it’s where my parents live, in the easternmost part of Austria, just a few miles from the Hungarian border. Topographically speaking, this area is already part of the Little Hungarian Plain and, truly, landscape doesn’t come much plainer than this…

One Response to “Late Autumn …”

  1. nadia said

    the two last photos are like from a tim burton’s movie, beautiful !

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