Knit, drink and be merry

November 7, 2010

Last week for [m] and me was both busy and unremarkable so we neither had the time nor felt the urge to blog. Things changed, however, once the weekend was in sight, and Friday night saw us headed for the Café Rüdigerhof…

…one of those old traditional Viennese coffeehouses. The Rüdigerhof is a fine art-nouveau building erected in 1902 after plans by architect Oskar Marmorek, and the café of the same name was installed there only one year later. Today, it still features some nice art-nouveau ornaments, especially on the ceilings…

…but its general interior appearance is determined by furnishings and decorations dating to the 1950s and 1960s. On Friday night, its 1950s veneer tables were not only laden with the usual bottles, cups and glasses, but also cluttered with wool and yarn of any kind and colour:

In other, less intricate words: It was the monthly meeting of the “wiener umschlag“, a local group of knitters advocating the fine art of public knitting. They gather every first Friday of the month at the Café Rüdigerhof, and this week we finally found the time to participate in what turned out to be a really enjoyable evening of chatting, drinking and, of course, loads and loads of knitting:

Among the many guests there were even travellers from far off lands, displaying knitting techniques that, from our Central European point of view, seemed quite exotic:

Knitting Mediterranean style, with one needle held firmly under the arm...

And, of course, there were also Vera and Katharina [that’s Veruschka and katushika on Ravelry], the heads and founders of the “wiener umschlag”, presiding over the meeting in their unmistakably dignified way:

By the time we left, many a glass had been emptied, many a ball of yarn had been turned into rows and rows of fabric, and what had started as an enjoyable evening had turned into a great, late night…

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