Leaning toward the shadows

October 19, 2010

Looking through some old image files on my hard-disk I just stumbled upon this:

I took that picture two years ago when I was in Rome. It’s the marble floor in the vestibule of Santa Maria Maggiore intersected by the shadow of the ornamental grates at the portal. In a certain way it reminded me of a more recent photo, one I took only this September at San Miniato al Monte, Florence:

Why yes, apparently I have some sort of fixation with photographing the shadows of grates and grilles…

St. Margaret's Chapel, Pians, Austria

And they don’t even have to be elaborate or fancy. Any old grille will do…

Church of the Eremitani, Padua, Italy

And it seems that I’m particularly obsessed with the sun coming through a grated window in an otherwise darkened room, illuminating a patch of floor or wall like a spotlight…

The Chapter House at S. Lorenzo Maggiore, Naples, Italy

My obsession with this kind of shadow-play is actually so strong that it even overcomes my fixation on the middle ages: Occasionally, sunlight streaming through a grated window will even prompt me to take a picture of a friggin’ baroque interior:

The Sacristy at Heiligenkreuz Abbey, Austria

So why am I posting this? Frankly, I’ve got no idea. But it may have something to do with the fact that the weather here in Vienna has become pretty November-y already and we haven’t seen the sun for days on end…

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  1. janet said

    a certain poignant melancholy. graphic distortions not unlike musical notes on the page …and the light.


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