Skulls an’ bones … and bubbles

So, what are your plans for the next days? Will you quietly celebrate All Saints’/All Souls’ Day and visit the graves of your loved ones? Or will you choose the American “melting pot” way and honour the Irish feast of Halloween by dressing up as a notorious undead character from Eastern European folklore? Anyway, here’sContinue reading “Skulls an’ bones … and bubbles”

Among the trees and bushes…

The Wienerwald region is certainly most notable for its extensive forests and its often ruggedly picturesque landscape. It is, however, also spersed with medieval castles on rocky hilltops and ancient monasteries in bosky vales. So when we went hiking there on Sunday, we also took the chance to visit the former Benedictine abbey of Klein-Mariazell.Continue reading “Among the trees and bushes…”

A perfect Sunday …

Today, [c] and I spent a wonderful Sunday hiking in the Wienerwald, a large hilly forest southwest of Vienna. The woods presented themselves in their most beautiful autumnal dresses and we immensely enjoyed walking beneath those majestic trees warmly glowing in the light. The deeper we penetrated the forest, the quieter and calmer the atmosphereContinue reading “A perfect Sunday …”

Fancy pants

So, what’s the weirdest claim about the Middle Ages on Wikipedia? As you may remember, that’s what Carl Pyrdum over at Got Medieval tried to figure out in his “Weird Medieval History Contest”. As you may also remember we were part of the contest’s panel of judges which, after carefully weighing all the arguments, has nowContinue reading “Fancy pants”

Leaning toward the shadows

Looking through some old image files on my hard-disk I just stumbled upon this: I took that picture two years ago when I was in Rome. It’s the marble floor in the vestibule of Santa Maria Maggiore intersected by the shadow of the ornamental grates at the portal. In a certain way it reminded meContinue reading “Leaning toward the shadows”

The Middle Ages? What Middle Ages?

There’s a thing that’s been bugging me about my last post… You may not even have noticed it and the following may seem excessively pedantic and tedious to you but, well, here we go… As you probably recall, in my previous entry, I started off by writing about medieval painting in general and then wentContinue reading “The Middle Ages? What Middle Ages?”

The cow, the wolf & the blogger

We are proud to announce that the pen, the  brush and the needle is on the board of judges for the “Weird Medieval History Contest” held over at Got Medieval. In order to win the contest all you have to do is “to find the weirdest claim about the Middle Ages on Wikipedia” – if youContinue reading “The cow, the wolf & the blogger”

October skylines

Just a few random pics from a stroll trough Vienna’s city centre we took last night – or, actually, rather last evening. But by 6:30 p.m. things were already looking quite dusky and only the sandstone gables of St. Stephen’s Cathedral seemed to have preserved some of the day’s light, radiating a soft reddish glow: Elsewhere,Continue reading “October skylines”