Alter Egos

September 20, 2010

Last Friday, the postman delivered a huge and very exciting parcel at our doorstep. It had been dispatched by [k], one of our dearest and closest friends, who  some years ago has moved from Vienna back to her hometown in the western part of the country, which is why we manage to see each other only about two or three times a year. But although we are both really lazy as regards regular emails, letters and phone calls, we have managed to maintain our friendship at a very deep level and are still as fond of each other as ten years ago when we studied together here in Vienna. [k] and I both celebrate our birthdays in May, but lazy as we are, by now it has become kind of a tradition to send each other our respective  birthday gifts somewhen between spring and Christmas. This always results in very nice parcel surprises at the most unexpected times  of the year:

Kat PackageKat Parcel

This year’s birthday parcel contained two very extraordinary puppets made and designed by [k] herself: They portray yours truly in the most affectionate and hilarious way you can possibly imagine:

[c| and [m] puppets

[k], talented seamstress  that she is, this time really excelled herself! She managed to capture [c]’s and my very essence – both character- and appearance-wise – in a manner that is truly worthy of her very creative spirit.[c] puppet Of course I think [c]’s portrayal is especially felicituous.His square-cut [very intellectual!] glasses and his sweet smile with the little gap between the front teeth are characterized as accurate as his beard and his messy hairstyle [which, by the way, was invented by [k] herself when many, many years ago, she had the honour of cutting his at the time very, very long hair…]. The more, [k] captured [c]’s taste for simple outfits by clothing him in a nice blue shirt and some lovely trousers. She did not even forget such important little details as his fondness for a decent shawl and a good pair of Camper shoes. As for my portrait, well, it really is me: lots [and by that I mean: LOTS] of hair, black glasses and a crooked smile characterize my head and face very accurately. The funniest detail here is that [k] added the white strand of hair I proudly display since the tender age of twenty. She even managed[m] puppet to find a thinner, more wiry thread to picture the sturdiness of this particular batch! As regards my outfit, [k] apparently knows me very well, too: I’m always in for a simple tunic or longshirt with pants, and in summer love to display my feet in black leather flip-flops and ruby red nail polish – this last detail came out particularly adorable! But [k] did also not forget my fondness for polka dots and bags, and made sure that my little alter ego is as drawn to Asian jewellery and flowers to pep up an outfit as is the little hippie within me. Aren’t little [c] and little [m] just adorable? At the moment, they are sitting on my couch just vis-à-vis of my desk and each time my eyes fall on them, I simply can’t stop laughing! Another lovely detail of our little alter egos is that they can hold hands via a little snap fastener sewn onto their little hands –  how cute is that? Thank you so much for this incredible gift, [k]!!!

[c] and [m] holding hands

3 Responses to “Alter Egos”

  1. VERA PAELMAN said

    what a lovely story ! The gift is amazing, so…. beautiful and absolutely one to treasure up !

  2. yarnsnob said

    These dolls are ADORABLE! Your post made me laugh! Very funny and what a dear and special friend! x

  3. janet sanders said

    And so sweet to have been seen so clearly and joyfully. What an extraordinary gift.

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