A tale of two knitters

September 2, 2010

You may have been wondering why you haven’t seen any of my knitting on this blog so far.* After all, it says in the About section that [m] and I are both knitters, and [m] has posted about her knitting quite frequently – even if, occasionally, it was just a cryptic yarn photo and an out-of-season haiku.

The  thing is, I’m awfully slow when it comes to knitting. I have been working on this teeny tiny cardigan for a friend’s baby for more than a month now and it’s still not even half finished:

My slowness is, I believe, mostly due to the fact that I’m practically still a beginner. I only learned to knit about half a year ago, so I guess I may be excused in that respect. But that’s not all… My knitting progress is slowed down even more by the fact that I only knit at very irregular intervals. There’s days when I knit for hours on end – then I put my knitting down and don’t touch it for a couple of weeks or more. For a long time I have fooled myself into believing that this, too, was a consequence of my inexperience and that one day I would grow into a constant and steadfast knitter like [m] who knits e v e r y   s i n g l e   d a y. Sadly, I have now come to realize that this will never happen. I have finally understood that our very different knitting habits have nothing to do with [m]’s more advanced status but are a faithful reflection of our long-accustomed reading habits.

You see, [m] always needs a book she’s currently reading, and she’ll read at least a couple of pages every single day, usually before going to sleep. Me, on the other hand, I can go without a book for weeks, sometimes even months on end.** Then, I’ll get bit by the reading bug and devour something like five books in three days, often staying up till four in the morning because I just need to know how the story ends, nevermind that I have to get up early the next day. Soon enough, however, my thirst for literature is quenched once more and once more, like some sort of human dromedary, I’m able to get across a wide, book-less desert.

Now, I’m only curious if, in the long run, similar patterns will emerge in the frequency of our respective blog posts. Well, you’ll see…

* Actually, no, I don’t really think so – I suppose you all have more important things to care about than my knitting. But still, it’s a good phrase to start a post, right?

** This, of course, only applies to works of literature and fiction. As an art historian working on my PhD I do pick up scholarly books at much more regular intervals, like once every ten minutes…

2 Responses to “A tale of two knitters”

  1. I read the tale of your knitting beginnings on Ravelry and I sight thinking how wonderful it must be to knit side by side with your lover !
    I admire your curiosity and courage because learning to knit with someone quite much more experienced is sometimes challenging and frustrating.
    Well, you should keep going at you own pace. And as for the reading (which is my favorite activity and cannot be perform while knitting) I just discovered the audiobook app on my Iphone, and it’s perfect because someone reads you a great story while you’re fighting with yarn and needles…

    @koanizee on Ravelry

  2. chezlouie said

    Hi guys, I just happened across your blog via the Offset Wraplan by derStrickaere (I’m about to cast on my own version of that pattern – very excited) and I just loved the description of Michaela becoming indigotweed. It so perfectly echoed my initial obsession with knitting, especially the sounds of hissing over my newest and most exquisite (to date) yarn acquisition, “preeeeciouuuuuuus”. Can’t wait to hear more stories of you knitters in love!


    Twitter: @chezlouielouie
    Ravelry: @chezlouie

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