Discovering Olbrich [pt. 1]

                Some weeks ago, I dragged [c] to the Leopold Museum to visit the large retrospective dedicated to the oeuvre of Art Nouveau architect Joseph Maria Olbrich [1867-1908].* Although Olbrich certainly was one of the artistic  ‘masterminds’ behind the typical look of Viennese Art Nouveau architecture and aContinue reading “Discovering Olbrich [pt. 1]”

Berlin [pt. 2, a.k.a. “the fun part”]

As you may have gathered from yesterday’s post I’m not exactly a fan of Berlin’s architectural appearance. Then again, a city is so much more than just an accumulation of monuments and buildings. So, in order to restore the balance, today I’ll focus entirely on things I loved about Berlin… Some of those things were prettyContinue reading “Berlin [pt. 2, a.k.a. “the fun part”]”

Little dots for little steps

I have always loved fashion and textiles, and have always had much fun in expressing the different facets of my personality through the way I dress and combine garments. It is therefore all the more remarkable that until very recently, I used this creative energy more or less exclusively to knit garments, but never reallyContinue reading “Little dots for little steps”

Colours [in search of an artist]

Yesterday, at my parents’ house, I stumbled upon this old box of wax crayons: It had been given to me some fifteen, maybe even twenty years ago by H., a long since deceased friend of the family who for many years was kind of like a grandfather to me. Before that, the crayons used toContinue reading “Colours [in search of an artist]”

So you never heard of Margaret Lovecraft?

Our blog has been up and running for almost a month now, and this feels like a good occasion (read: excuse) for some self reflection on how we’re faring so far. Don’t worry, I won’t be boring you with blog stats, view counts or anything else involving numbers. Luckily, there is this new website whichContinue reading “So you never heard of Margaret Lovecraft?”

An American in Vienna

After I finished my grad studies, I worked as an intern at the Austrian Association of Women Artists for some months. This little Viennese bastion of feminist thought and art production exists – although rather hidden – since 1910, and its members still work in the same light and high loft spaces of an old Viennese Ringstrassen-buildingContinue reading “An American in Vienna”

Of weekend endeavours…

We’ve been meaning to post loads of interesting stuff this weekend  – but that was based on the assumption that we’d be doing loads of interesting, post-worthy things. Which we didn’t. Instead, we ended up catsitting for our friend A. who owns two handsome Norwegian Forest Cats*… …and moving pieces of battered old furniture aroundContinue reading “Of weekend endeavours…”